NOTAM Check 7.0

It is intended for use as part of flight planning
7.0.0003 (See all)

NOTAM Check is a powerful Windows based NOTAM software which checks and plots NOTAMs on to a map. It is intended for use as part of flight planning.
Over 1100 aerodromes, both civil and government (military), over 160 disused aerodromes, over 235 Danger Zones and over 320 navigation aids are stored into a database accurate to one arc minute.
Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIBs) containing NOTAMs are downloaded from the Internet and decodable NOTAMs are simultaneously displayed on to a map of the UK.
NOTAMs are displayed as their true shape and not a 'circle of influence' derived from a Q-line as seen in other NOTAM plotting software.

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